These are some of the most notable projects that I’ve been working on.
Translation, Editing and Proofreading
  1. Websites
    Bank, online clothing retailers, car rental, global logistics company, Actionable Intelligence solutions company, hygiene and energy technologies, global supplier of automotive systems, two largest e-commerce companies
  2. Medical products
    User manuals for one of the global leaders in exo-prosthetics, manufacturer of wheelchairs, rehabilitation and medical products
  3. Technical
    Tool catalogs for Europe's leading supplier of quality industrial maintenance User manuals for the spreader manufacturer
  4. Food
    Airport restaurant menu for an award-winning airport restaurateur
  5. PhD dissertation
    "Terminal Classic Occupation in the Maya Sites Located in the Area of Triangulo Park, Peten, Guatemala"
  6. Tourism
    In-house translator at Hotel Reservation Services HRS - worldwide hotel reservation system for business and private travellers
  7. Apps
    Personal fitness trainer for one of the global leaders in exo-prosthetics, German manufacturer of wheelchairs, rehabilitation and medical products
  8. Learning Suite
    Suite for Europe's leading e-learning provider
  9. Government
    Provincial election brochure European Commission brochures
  10. Human Resources
    Career website for worldwide operating industrial group
  11. Articles
    "Magdalenian period in Poland and neighbouring areas" "Black painted pottery, Kildehuse II, Odense County, Denmark" "Coloured raw material in the Bečov I site and in the vicinity: preliminary results and further perspectives"
  12. Marketing
    Kitchen goods and cleaning products, wallpapers, toys, cosmetics, and houses
Research and surveys
  1. Market Surveys
    Color in marketing and branding
  2. Research
    Analysis and cataloging of over 1700 compensation claim files in the Federal Archives in Koblenz within the project “Victims of Human Experiments under National Socialism”